Skillicorn Demands “VOID the FOID”

Crystal Lake, IL – State Representative Allen Skillicorn is calling on Governor Pritzker to use his executive powers to VOID the FOID Act.

Skillicorn said. “I receive dozens of calls a day from constituents who have not received their new or renewed FOID card in the time period prescribed by law.” Skillicorn continued, “This is another massive failure by the Governor to properly staff the Illinois State Police who process these licenses, denying thousands of law abiding citizens their constitutional Second Amendment right for merely seeking to defend their lives and property, especially in light of the recent lawlessness that continues to rage in our cities. Extending the expiration date is not enough. Justice delayed is justice denied.”

While fees paid for FOID and CCL licenses have generated millions of dollars in revenue, upwards of $60M for CCL alone, millions of dollars were swept from the fund and directed elsewhere last year, funds that should have been used to meet the previous demand, in addition to hiring more staff to meet the unprecedented number of applications currently flooding in. What exactly is the Governor doing with all that money and why hasn’t action been taken?

Skillicorn stated, “If the applications can’t be processed in the time period the law specifies, then the Governor should use his executive power to VOID the FOID during this pandemic. Better yet, as I have consistently demanded, let us do away with it permanently.”