Let the People Go!

Crystal Lake, IL –Representative Allen Skillicorn is shocked at the utter tone deafness and hubris of Pharaoh Pritzker. Skillicorn stated, “Has the Governor lost his mind! How in the world could he possibly think of continuing a statewide lockdown when Cook County and Chicago are 70% of the positive cases, while 84 counties have less than 100 positives of which 75 have less than 50 positives. Just what will it take to convince Pharaoh Pritzker to let people in most of Illinois go!”

The economic situation grows worse each day, with the psychological toll and domestic violence increasing. It is beyond comprehension that restrictions are not being lifted in areas that have not been seriously affected by the corona virus.

Skillicorn stated, “The people of Illinois are now aware of the invisible enemy we face. It is time to continue to protect the most vulnerable, ramp up testing, wear a mask, and let people in most of Illinois get fully back to work and commerce. We are going to have to learn to live with this scourge for the foreseeable future and right now we are on a suicidal path of the Governor’s making.”