Skillicorn Files Legislation to Delay Property Tax Installments in Wake of Coronavirus

Springfield–State Representative Allen Skillicorn (R- East Dundee) filed legislation today to establish guidelines to provide property tax relief for Illinoisan’s during public health emergencies, such as the coronavirus we are currently experiencing.

Rep. Skillicorn said, “During this difficult time we find ourselves in with the coronavirus, families ordered to stay at home have enough to worry about. Property taxes should be the last item to burden residents during this or any other time of a public health emergency.”

The legislation provides that if a disaster is declared by the Governor for all counties in the State due to a public health emergency, then the due date for the first installment of property taxes for that year shall be delayed by 90 days, and no penalties or interest shall be accrued during that extension.

Rep. Skillicorn said, “I am putting forward this legislation to help bring peace of mind to the people of Illinois during this crisis and any future crises that may arise. We are all feeling the weight of this virus and the uncertainty accompanying it for families and their means of income. What this legislation proposes to do is provide some breathing room for Illinois families. With property taxes continuing to skyrocket, the least we can do during a crisis is allow a delay in payment so families can focus on what is most important.”

“I look forward to working with my colleagues to move this bill forward and get it passed. The State of Illinois owes it to our communities,” added Rep. Skillicorn.