Skillicorn Calls on Governor to Extend the State Tax Date Now

Crystal Lake, IL – State Representative Allen Skillicorn is calling on Governor Pritzker to extend the State Tax filing date now and questions why he hasn’t already done so.

Skillicorn stated, “The Federal Government has extended the tax date to July 15 and 16 states have extended their dates as well. What is the Governor waiting for? Is he more concerned about the cash flow of government than the people’s?” Skillicorn continued, “Illinois faces challenges because of decades of fiscal mismanagement, the people of Illinois should not suffer now because of it. Extend the tax date today Governor.”

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Income tax filing extensions 16 states as of 3/25/2020: AK, AZ, CO, DE, GA, HI, ID, IA, MA, MN, MO, MT, PA, RI, VA, VT