Rep. Skillicorn: Governor’s Tax and Spend Address

Springfield…State Representative Allen Skillicorn (R- East Dundee) released the following statement in reaction to Governor Pritzker’s budget address on Wednesday:

“Since January 8, 2020, our bill backlog has increased by more than $792 million dollars bringing the State of Illinois up to $7.3 billion dollars in unpaid bills. The Governor had the audacity to propose a FY21 budget that will increase spending by an additional $2.2 billion dollars. These continued deficits prove that this year’s budget is not balanced and the harmful rhetoric from the Governor about having a clear, balanced budget is a ploy to continue to hike budget spending by $2 billion for the next fiscal year.

Last fall, the Governor had his agencies prepare for 6.5% in reductions. This budget proposal does not represent any of those scenarios. The proposal laid before us today shows very little in the way of discernable spending reductions. Instead, the Governor put forth a budget wish list that relies on revenues from a tax increase that has not happened and maybe never will. 

As of today, the State of Illinois has $7.3 billion in unpaid promises –and the Governor’s plan will increase that liability if the voters do not approve of his graduated tax scheme. Illinoisans can barely afford the record spending budget that was passed last year and now the Governor is considering further increases. Why did he not propose the 6.5% reduced budget with the savings spent paying down our unpaid promises?

All of this clearly shows the failed policies Speaker Madigan and his majority party have condoned for decades are the same failed policies of Governor Pritzker. Now is not the time to propose a budget on a forecasted unfair tax that would do nothing for the first half of the fiscal year.

I am willing to go through the budget line by line to analyze our spending, maximize efficiency in government, cut costs where we can, and restore fiscal sanity to the State of Illinois. I am calling on Speaker Madigan to stop playing games and resolve this fiscal disaster. The people of our state are begging for real solutions on the budget, pensions, corruption, and property taxes—it’s time we delivered them.”