Rep. Skillicorn Supports Successful Pension Reform Safe Guard

Crystal Lake…State Representative Allen Skillicorn (R- East Dundee) has signed on to be a Chief Co-Sponsor of House Resolution 600 as Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker continues the push to consolidate Illinois’ police and fire pensions.

The language of HR 600 seeks to protect downstate and suburban pension funds from being consolidated with Chicago and Cook County funds.

Rep. Skillicorn said, “I continue to support consolidation because the current trajectory of these pension systems is unmanageable. However, we need to consider the effects consolidation could have on our downstate police and fire pensions if Chicago and Cook County are included.”

Skillicorn added, “Downstate Illinois should not be on the hook for the failures of Chicago and Cook County to manage their own funds. The taxpayers of my district should not have to bear their burden, when they have been diligently paying into their system correctly.”

To protect the state taxpayers, along with the downstate and suburban police and fire pension funds, HR 600 states,

“…We urge Governor Pritzker and the Illinois Pension Consolidation Feasibility Task Force, in further studying the impact of any pension consolidation proposal, to refuse any attempt to consolidate downstate and suburban pension funds with the City of Chicago or Cook County pension funds or any attempt for the State of Illinois to absorb any liability for any City of Chicago or Cook County pension funds.”