Skillicorn Guided by Morality on Cannabis Vote

Following a vote by the Illinois House of Representatives to pass a measure allowing for adult use of recreational cannabis, State Representative Allen Skillicorn (R-Crystal Lake) said the following:  

“Cannabis legalization is a loaded topic for people on all sides of the issue,” said Skillicorn. “On a moral level, I am opposed to recreational cannabis use. I can say the same of the moral impact and cost of the war on drugs, even though non-medical cannabis use is morally wrong, it is also morally wrong to lock up the petty user. The facts make it clear that prohibition does not work. This why the 18th Amendment prohibiting alcohol was repealed by the 21st Amendment. Is the situation with recreational cannabis realistically much different?

“Like so many others, I am concerned about drugs in schools, about driving under the influence, about more potent cannabis and intoxication in the workplace. That is why I am convinced this legislation will help. We can curb the illicit dealer who sells to kids under 21 with the improved enforcement structure in this bill. We can ensure the marketplace is regulated to keep out dangerous chemicals and ensure only properly measured, tested and labeled products are available for adult use. This bill also contains the strongest workplace safety language anywhere in the nation, as was pointed out by the Illinois Chamber of Commerce during the Senate’s committee hearing.

“While I may disagree with recreational cannabis on a moral level, as a matter of personal liberty, an opportunity to curb the immoral war on drugs, and to improve public health and safety through a well regulated market, I voted yes on House Bill 1438.”

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