Skillicorn Responds to Tax Hike Passage

While Illinoisans were taking time to remember those who sacrificed everything to secure our freedom this Memorial Day, Gov. Pritzker and the Democrat majority rushed through a bill along party lines to change the Illinois Constitution from its long standing Flat Tax to a Graduated Tax on income. Calling it a “Fair Tax,” where the “rich will finally pay their fair share,” Democrats celebrated their partisan victory as not one Republican was a part of any negotiation for this most significant change in recent history.

While the Flat Tax offered taxpayers some protection from the insatiable appetite for spending that the Democrat majority consistently demonstrates, the Graduated Tax brackets and rates can be changed at any time as they are not a part of the constitution. Already the claim that “97% of Illinoisans will receive a tax break,” has been eroded as the Governor stated that he cannot guarantee the rates that will be implemented by the General Assembly, and has been proven true as the Senate passed rates that were higher than those proposed by him.

Transformative structural reform to restore Illinois to economic stability and further more to growth in the form of constitutional changes to the pension clause, 1% hard cap on property taxes, term limits, and fair maps, have never seen the light of day under the iron fist of the Democrat majority, but an amendment for unlimited authority to confiscate income is pushed through using extraordinary tactics on a holiday in the final week of session.

Skillicorn stated, “Over 30 years of domination by the Democrat majority has brought Illinois to the brink of fiscal ruin. We have over $150 billion dollars in unfunded pension liabilities, $6 billion in backlogged bills with $8 billion that was bonded out to pay it down, we are one tick above junk bond level, and I could go on and on.” Skillicorn continued, “Promises have been made and broken. In 2011, a ‘temporary tax’ hike to solve all of our fiscal woes was passed without any reforms. Then, again in 2017 a permanent tax hike was passed without any reform. Were our pension burdens actually addressed? Was the bill backlog erased? Did we fix the structural deficit in our budget? Did our bond rating improve? The answer to all of these questions is – no, of course not. It will now be up to the people of Illinois to decide if they trust their politicians to keep their promises.”