Skillicorn Denounces Devious Tactics Used to Pass Massive Expansion of Abortion

Following the passage of House Floor Amendment 1 to Senate Bill 25 in the Illinois House, State Representative Allen Skillicorn (R-Crystal Lake) denounced the devious tactics employed to pass the legislation.

To circumvent reasonable public notice requirements, language from House Bill 2495 was inserted into SB 25 as a “gut and replace” amendment. This action dropped House committee public notice requirements to a mere one hour, allowing the newly altered SB 25 to advance out of committee on Sunday night and be taken up for a full House vote today. The legislation drastically expands the use of abortion to any point during pregnancy and removes protections for infants born alive during failed abortions.

“As I said after SB 25 passed committee on a party line vote, it is unconscionable that Speaker Madigan and Illinois Democrats have employed these devious tactics,” said Skillicorn. “Holding a Sunday night hearing on an hour’s notice for an extreme piece of legislation sends a clear message to Illinoisans that your right to weigh in means nothing to the majority party. People of all stripes from across the state have expressed serious concerns about the extreme nature of this proposal and, as our constitution expresses, they should have been given reasonable notice to express their right to be heard before the committee voted.

“With or without this legislation, abortion is legal in Illinois, but now an infant born alive as the result of a failed late-term abortion will be unable to receive medical care. To me, that is the very definition of extreme. This is a dark day in our state’s history.”