Skillicorn Says Progressive Tax is Covert Middle Class Tax Hike

Yesterday, State Representative Allen Skillicorn (R-East Dundee) joined with the entire House Republican Caucus to oppose the creation of a progressive income tax in Illinois. House Resolution 153, which was filed yesterday and is co-sponsored by the entire House Republican Caucus, states opposition to any measure that would create a graduated (i.e. progressive) income tax in Illinois.

“Make no mistake, a progressive income tax in Illinois is going to be a deceptive way to hide a tax increase on the middle class,” said Skillicorn. “Projections from within the Pritzker Administration make it obvious they will have to raise taxes on the middle class to get the revenue they claim to need. Couple that with the fact that the one piece of legislation that was filed by a House Democrat last year to set progressive tax rates was estimated to increase income taxes on 77 percent of Illinois taxpayers. That is according to a report by the non-partisan Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability.”

The legislation from last year Skillicorn referenced is House Bill 3522. Under that proposal, the non-partisan Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability revealed that 77% of Illinois taxpayers would see an increase in their income tax liability for a total of over $5.2 billion in new taxes.

“If we don’t fight this ‘progressive’ income tax hike on the middle class, then you can bet another 700,000 people will leave Illinois over the next decade just like they did in the last decade,” Skillicorn concluded.

For more information about House Resolution 153, Click Here.