Skillicorn Talks Illinois Taxes

Representative Skillicorn addressed about 30 people gathered at a non-partisan forum, “Talking Illinois Taxes,” organized by former Gurnee Village Trustee Don J. Wilson last evening.

Skillicorn discussed Illinois spending, pension and Medicaid challenges. “Illinois has one of the highest overall tax burdens in the country and it’s breaking the backs of taxpayers. Thousands flee every year to low tax states taking their businesses with them. Illinois’ unfunded pension liability is estimated to be anywhere from $150 billion to $250 billion, as rating agencies continue to warn of downgrades to our credit which is barely above junk status. We must implement reforms now,” stated Skillicorn.

Wilson concluded the evening, “I want to thank Warren Township Assessor Charlie Mullen, Attorney Rod Drobinski and State Representative Allen Skillicorn for making tonight’s event educational and a great starting point for understanding the challenges we face together in Illinois.”

For a copy of the presentation, Click Here.