As Override Vote Looms, Skillicorn Says Madigan Tax Hike is Far From Compromise

State Representative Allen Skillicorn (R-East Dundee) says the massive tax hike and last minute budget rammed through the Illinois General Assembly and vetoed by Governor Rauner is far from compromise. When the vote was taken in the House of Sunday, Skillicorn said that dropping 1,200 pages of legislation on the floor and voting within a few hours is not working together to fix Illinois’ problems.

“To fix Illinois we need to work together, which is why so many of us chose to wear purple, a symbol of red and blue coming together,” said Skillicorn. “However, in the matter of a few hours on Sunday, more than 1,200 pages of new legislation were dropped on the House floor and votes were taken. These bills included a massive hike and a budget that did nothing to reform Illinois’ broken system. The Governor rightly vetoed these bills because they utterly failed to represent compromise and put Illinois on a path forward. They were far from being purple.”

Skillicorn continued, “As the House takes up votes to override the Governor’s vetoes today, I implore my colleagues to remember that Illinoisans want us to reform our broken system. This means the vetoes must stand, we must return to the negotiating table and build true compromise that will reform our state’s broken system and prevent a massive tax hike that will drive more people out of Illinois.”

Watch video of Rep. Skillicorn calling for real compromise on the House floor, Click Here.