Skillicorn Says it’s Time for the Speaker to Deal

Responding to Governor Rauner calling a special session of the General Assembly, State Representative Allen Skillicorn (R-East Dundee) has said it is time for House Speaker Madigan to recognize he must make a deal with Republicans.

“We now have several budget proposals, including my ‘Right Now’ budget proposal that puts taxpayers first without any tax increases. Meanwhile, the Speaker has failed to offer a budget proposal for the past six months,” said Skillicorn. “Now that the May 31st deadline has passed, he must have Republican votes to pass a budget. It seems to me he should come back to the table for this special session and recognize that Illinoisans do not want and cannot afford another massive tax hike. We should take it off the table and finally pass the balanced budget with reforms that we need right now.”

Skillicorn said the Speaker should never have allowed the House to leave Springfield without voting on a budget and if he is serious about passing a budget, he should offer a proposal now or call for a vote on one of the existing proposals once the House convenes on June 21.

Skillicorn also said he will reject the per diem and travel reimbursement for the special session because the General Assembly should have already done its job and taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook for the failure of the Speaker to call a budget vote.

For details about Skillicorn’s “Right Now” budget proposal, Click Here.