Skillicorn Reacts to Lack of Budget Vote

Reacting to the failure of House Speaker Madigan to call for a vote on a budget, State Representative Allen Skillicorn (R-East Dundee) said it represents Chicago politics at its worst.

“Wednesday was the last day of the spring legislative session, but by mid-day we already knew that Speaker Madigan had no interest in even calling a vote on a budget, let alone a balanced budget, even though many proposals have been offered, including my own,” said Skillicorn. “There can no longer be any doubt, Speaker Madigan is more than happy to let Illinois crumble to keep his power than to work with Republicans and the Governor to do what is right for the state. Meanwhile, taxpayers and our most vulnerable suffer. This is Chicago politics at its worst.”

Though proposals existed, including Skillicorn’s Right Now Budget which included no tax hikes, nothing was called for a vote by Speaker Madigan on May 31.

To watch the press conference Skillicorn held on the Right Now Budget, Click Here.