Skillicorn: If I Can Cut 10%, So Can Illinois Government

In his response to Governor Bruce Rauner’s budget address, State Representative Allen Skillicorn (R-East Dundee) made light of how normal people make cuts in daily life that Illinois government needs to learn from.

“For years, Illinois has spent more than it has taken in and has raised taxes or used gimmicks to try and make it work,” said Skillicorn. “It hasn’t worked, and like the constituents I hear from every day say, we must stop taxing our working families, our seniors and our businesses out of the state. It’s time to make cuts, there is no other way.”

Skillicorn continued, “I agree with the Governor, to solve our financial problems, we need to grow our economy by making it easier for businesses to come to Illinois and create jobs. To do that, we need to cut spending and reduce taxes. Now is the time for transformative policies.”

Skillicorn offered a light hearted comparison about Illinois’ need to cut spending by likening it to weight loss, “Let’s think about Illinois’ budget like going on a diet. Think of cutting calories, carbs and fat from your diet like cutting spending, taxes and burdensome regulations. Then think of adding exercise like the people and businesses that come to the state when it is more inviting. Starting the diet and exercise is very hard at first, but becomes easier and improves your health when you stick to it.”

Skillicorn said his comparison is a little tongue and cheek, but the broader concept is something the state must recognize to get the state back to a healthy financial position and relieve the tax burden forcing residents and businesses out of Illinois. “Since December 13, I’ve dropped from 227 to 200 pounds, which is a cut of more 10 percent of my body weight. If I can do that will some healthy eating and exercise, I think Illinois can manage do the same with some healthy changes to its budget and spending.”