Skillicorn Bill Aims to Counter Legislation Endorsing Sanctuary Cities in Illinois

State Representative Allen Skillicorn (R-East Dundee) has filed legislation to ensure that local governments in Illinois, including Chicago, cannot prevent law enforcement from following federal immigration law. Skillicorn’s bill, House Bill 2942, is a direct response to legislation offered in the House, House Bill 426, which directs certain facilities not to comply with law enforcement investigations related to illegal immigration.

“Trying to pass a law that tells our towns and cities to deliberately ignore federal law is baffling,” said Skillicorn. “We should be focused on passing a balanced budget and stopping the advance of crippling property taxes, not wasting time on efforts that violate federal law and diminish the responsibilities of our law enforcement that keep us safe.”

Under House Bill 426, being pushed by officials from Chicago, schools, medical facilities and places of worships would be permitted to obstruct law enforcement investigations into violations of federal immigration law. This failure to enforce federal law could cost Illinois taxpayers billions of dollars in the form of lost federal funds.

To counter the legislation, Skillicorn has filed House Bill 2942, which would cut off funding for local governments who adopt or encourage policies that prevent federal law from being enforced.

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